How to Know Who's Talking About You Online, and Get them Begging to Be Your Fans.

Discover how you can quickly learn where you stand in the luxury social strata Online, and what you can do to skyrocket your image to world-class and keep it there!

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A Complimentary, Social Media Audit?

People are talking about you online. And if they're not, they should be. 

Your reputation in the luxury industry, how well you are recognized, and the level of respect you command, are all tied in to your social media relevance and the strength of your website's copy. 

The problem is that you have competitors. Maybe they're well-known, industry giants like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, Chanel, or Dior. 

Maybe you haven't reached the level where these players are your competitors ... yet. But you're on your way there. 

Or you hope to be. 

What's that, you say? Comparing two luxury brands is like comparing the work of two masterful artists? Who is a better sculptor, Donatello or Michelangelo? What's that you say? You can't compare because both offered the world masterpieces?

Rubbish! The line between "Premium" and "Luxury" is increasingly blurred in 2017, and there are many brands who are high-end, but not 100% unique. They haven't found that unique "factor" yet. And in the meantime, they're playing a "me too" game. In this race, for people to equate yor brand with "Luxury" and not just "costly" you have to do what it takes to stand out.

Your messaging MUST be right. You have to publicly tell people to stop comparing you to others. But, privately, you would be foolish not to make these comparisons.

Morever, when you understand that 75% of Luxury Shoppers Use Social Media, if you don't know where you stand in comparison to competitors in the luxury space ... you're not playing smart, or playing to win! 

The truth is though, understanding the current status of your social media assets (you do have social media accounts, don't you?) can be tough. 

There are many platforms, and each is used in a different manner, with different goals for reaching different customer/client demographics. 

Not everyone can be an expert. (That's true even if you spend a lot of personal time on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.) 

Here's the thing. Luxury brands that are embracing social media as part of their overall marketing strategy are winning big, and once you know where your brand stands ... you can too. 

A wise man once said, you cannot look at what was, or at what you think SHOULD be ... before you can take a step forward, you must know what IS

We understand your desire to reach or maintain a world-class image, and that's why we recommend a social media audit. You need to get a clear picture of your situation, and we have the solution. 

Our Breakthrough Business Branding social media audit provides you with a comprehensive report on your Web based digital assets and their health. This includes your website, as well as all relevant social media platforms. 

Once you indicate your interest, we get to work right away. You can expect a full, far-reaching report sent to your E-mail address in 48-hours or less. (Usually-less, but we prefer quality to speed. We trust that you do too.) 

Once we have results, we send you the report immediately.

luxury company

Once you've digested the details of the report, you won't have to imagine how things ought to be ... you'll be able to begin making taking the necessary action to move yourself and your business forward in a manner that will increase your brand's reputation, recognition and respect right away

We prefer to go much further than the usual vanity metrics that some brands obsess over, such as number of likes and followers, providing you with high-end insights such as key demographics and trends. 

We analyze and report on the entire social media spectrum from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and all other social channels relevant to the luxury industry and your brand. 

Aside from reporting on your social media channels, we go the extra mile and provide you with intelligence on your direct competitors to help you understand their present strategy and tactics, the key demographics of your competitor’s following and the opportunities, which you may be able to capitalize upon.

Privileges You Will Enjoy

  • A social media strategy based on facts. 
  • A strategic direction for future social media campaigns.
  •  Potential to reduce overall marketing costs. 
  • Insight into your customer's behavior in a way that allow you to connect and engage with them, which improves loyalty and respect. 
  • An understanding of which platforms can help solidify your image as a leader in the luxury industry.

What's the Catch?

There isn’t one. We won’t be asking you for a single dime for the in-depth report we're offering you today. 

Let today be the day that you start keeping score … and let the world know your value. But, remember that you can't do that if you don't know it yourself! 

Many, if not all, of the major players in the luxury goods industry have now adopted social media marketing and are looking for new ways to engage with their fans and client base to build up brand awareness.

You need to know where you stand in relation to your competitors.

Today, we are providing you with an exclusive service completely free of charge. You'll want to take advantage of this now since our normal services are not for everyone, and are reserved for those who have placed themselves or their businesses on our waiting list. (Available only twice a year.)

You Want Proof that a Social Media Audit is Something You Should Have Done?

The Harvard Business Review suggests that you should "Fix your social media strategy by taking it back to basics." (1)


Based on current trends in the industry, an audit of existing accounts, on average, costs between $2,000 and $10,000. 

As mentioned above, we believe in providing results, and we believe in quality over speed. When you click the button below to let us know you're interested, we'll start working on a COMPLIMENTARY report. 

That means you don't have to pay even one cent! 

Our reasoning for this is simple. We believe in win-win situations. 

We want to create long-term, fantastic, exclusive business relationships. We believe in providing you with an outstanding, world-class service. We pride ourselves on the exclusive nature of those we end up accepting as clients. You'll have plenty of opportunity to provide us with compensation later.

In the end, you'll either choose to work with us, or you won't. But, we're willing to bet either you'll come back to us at some point when you're ready to do something great ... or you'll tell others about us and they'll develop a relationship where you left off. 

Either way, together we win. 

Additionally, you should know that right now, there's no risk to you. You don't pay a thing, you don't have to give a credit card, and if you want to unsubscribe after you receive your report, you can easily do that. (Just hit the unsubscribe button included in the E-mail.) It's obvous that we are offering this deal to anyone in the luxury space. But that's NOT the case when it comes to our regular services, which is why you should take advantage of this offer now. 

By now, we think you should agree that this is an amazing deal you should not pass up.

Right now, go ahead and click the button below and let us start providing you with the superior results we pride ourselves on! 

This complimentary social media audit isn’t for everyone. This is only for premium and luxury based individuals and businesses who want to discover how we go all out to help them stand head and shoulders above the competition. 

(And have the opportunity to be placed on our client waiting list.) 

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